At Mevi, you will find all the disciplines necessary to create the right solution for you. As well as handling the engineering side, we also take care of the production side too. And should an extra, specific link in the chain be necessary, for instance to create a special finish, we’ve got the right – reliable – partners to deal with that aspect. In other words, we can offer you a complete supply chain under one roof. This offers you important benefits: for instance, short lines and the ability to continually keep a sharp eye on quality and the entire process. It also makes it possible to keep the best possible grip on progress, while ensuring short turnaround times and therefore a short time to market. Further advantages include the ability to quickly intervene in the event of circumstances changing or alterations arising in the programme of requirements. Fast-lane solutions that need to be created in a hurry also present no problem at all.

All technologies, all processing techniques, all materials

Whether you’re interested in a prototype, a single item or a production series, Mevi can produce what you need in our extremely modern production locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Each production location is a leader in technological innovation, and all of them are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. We continuously invest in our machinery and our production techniques, in CNC turning and milling, grinding and WEDM. In terms of the materials to be processed, there are almost no limitations either. We have at our disposal advanced measurement chambers, a cleanroom, efficient assembly lines and all possible test facilities. You may lay the most diverse and exacting challenges at Mevi’s door.       

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