Precisiebeurs 2015


Come and brainstorm with us for a solution!

Got a technical issue? Come and tell us about it!

At Mevi, we enjoy putting our heads together with yours to find the perfect solution for your technical issues. With our creativity, flexibility and knowledge of engineering, system supply, production and testing,  it’s sure to work. On 18 and 19 November, you can set things in motion yourself. Just bring your technical issue to us at stand no. (number), and we’ll think up a solution on the spot. If it needs working out in greater detail, we can take things further on another occasion. You can rely on us to do so.


Mevi at the Precision Fair

Once again, Mevi will have a stand at this year’s Precision Fair, the meeting point for precision technology. Come and be inspired by new technologies and technical solutions for measuring, microprocessing, motion control and much more. Presentations will be given by big players such as Big Sciences, CERN and ITER. The Fair is of course also a great place to meet other professionals, speak to people you know or enlarge your circle of business associates. We wouldn’t want to miss it – and neither should you! We look forward to seeing you there.

Problem-solving in 2015

What’s more, the Precision Fair is all about innovation. To stay at the cutting edge, we’re introducing Brainstorming 2015. We’ll be putting our brainstorming hats on, setting up our digiboard and getting to work on those tricky problems with you. There will be plenty of new technologies, intelligent solutions and interesting business cases to intrigue and inspire you. And if you happen to be a client of ours, we’ve also got some great things in the pipeline.


P.S.: Don’t forget to bring your technical problem with you!