Do you need a particular machine? Perhaps a module or tool for a specific function? Mevi will develop it for you using our creative engineering skills and extensive knowledge. We work closely with our clients, and always think in terms of solutions. To this day, we have been able to answer all of our clients’ technological challenges, often in a surprising manner. Whether we’re talking tools, components, modules, complete machines, robotics, mechatronics or value engineering, Mevi will offer you the ideal solution.

Short lines and fast turnaround times

We have all the necessary expertise, facilities and technologies in-house in order to translate your challenge into a clear concept that we can then work on and turn into a product or machine. We can prepare your product directly for manufacture, and we have our own assembly department. Through this integral approach, we can guarantee you not only a high-quality solution, but also short lines and extremely fast turnaround times. The whole process is transparent and divided into clear phases, all the way from the beginning to the end. This enables us to keep a good grip on techniques, time and finances.

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