Smart when it comes to food

A 30m production line that can handle dry and¬ wet products?
We can develop, test, build and install it!

Our client’s request

“Can you develop, build and install a complete production line for for us to automatically load and unload an autoclave? The total length of the line is 30 metres.”

Our challenge

An autoclave is a pressure vessel for directing certain processes: for instance, to prepare or pasteurise foodstuffs in the food industry. Solutions devised for the food industry demand particular expertise in connection with matters such as hygiene and food safety. An unusual aspect of this project was that the installation of the production line had to be done on-site. However, the real challenge for our machine construction team was that the production line had to be able to handle both wet and dry pouches (small bags) containing 0.5 litres of food.

Our solution

As we’ve already mentioned, the food industry demands careful knowledge of products, processes and regulations. We therefore followed specific training courses at our client’s request before our engineers and machine construction team got to work. Firstly, a test set-up was manufactured in order to test the handling of the pouches. In collaboration with specialist colleagues from our supply chain, we then manufactured the production line that our client had asked us for. In order to disturb the whole process at the client site as little as possible, the line was then finally set up on location according to a carefully devised schedule of works.

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