Production series for the solar industry

A complex PECVD system from no more than a TPD?
We’ll deliver it. Week in, week out!
Roth & Rau’s challenge to us

Our client’s request

“We’re looking for someone who can produce a construction for us that will be used while transporting large machines in the semiconductor industry. To be delivered on demand, in production series. Can you manage that?”

Our challenge

A PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) system applies a thin layer to a basis material with the aid of plasma. This process is mainly used when producing chips and semiconductors, but also in the solar industry. Our client asked us to create a complex system with water cooling, vacuum technology, E-panels, software, I/O and high-voltage tests. However, the challenge went further than that. With a turnaround time of 14 weeks per system, we had to deliver one system per week. Starting with nothing more than a TPD at prototype level.

Our solution

In order to ensure a smooth flow for the large stream of products, we first carefully organised the supply chain and logistics. At the same time, we wrote clear instructions for the work.  As our starting point was the prototype status of the system, we held intensive discussions with our client about the amendments that needed to be carried out (value engineering). Together, we managed to improve the quality of the machine and to lower the cost price. Meanwhile, we made a considerable investment in the knowledge required in the field of vacuum systems and leak detection. By making use of our own leak detectors, we were able to perform qualification tests on such large systems ourselves. In order to be able to deliver a PECVD system on a weekly basis to the end user, we temporarily increased our assembly capacity on a flexible scale.

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