Module construction in a cleanroom

Assembly in a cleanroom: can you do that?
All the way from Grade 4 through to Grade 1 … clean enough?
ASML’s challenge to us

Our client’s request

“We’re looking for a firm that can assemble products in a cleanroom for us: they will be made into modules that will be used in the semiconductor industry. With extremely high requirements in terms of cleanliness. Can you do that?”

Our challenge

We have our own ISO 7 cleanroom where we can process very clean products according to strict prodedures. However, the challenge here was to meet the extremely high standards of Grade 4 up to and including Grade 1.

Our solution

Within our manufacturing facility, we produce products exactly according to the specified regulations. After this, we assemble them in our ISO 7 cleanroom, following extremely detailed instructions. While working, we use FLOW chambers in order to exclude any risk of contamination. 

We can clean Grade 4 and Grade 3 products ourselves or together with a specialist partner in the area. For the very strictest Grade 2 and Grade 1 standards, we engage the services of a specialist company in Scotland. At the end of the process, all the assembled pieces undergo an intensive final check, carried out using UV light, for any remaining particles.

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