Five thousand ballpoint pens per hour

A solution to automatically pack different types of ballpoint pens?
Will 30,000 pieces per hour be enough?

Our client’s request

“In order to speed up our production rate, we need a solution to quickly and efficiently pack large numbers of ballpoint pens. Can you develop and produce one?”

Our challenge

What we had to do was find a way of picking up different sorts of ballpoint pens from a conveyor chain and placing them in a box. To achieve this, we needed to engineer a transferor, build it and put it into production at the client’s site. It had to be a solution with an extremely high throughput.

Our solution

We divided the project up into a development phase and a construction phase. During the development phase, we discussed the final design of the hardware and software with our client, and after reaching an agreement we then started on the construction phase. We produced six machines that could each pack 5,000 pens per hour, thereby providing a throughput of 30,000 pieces per hour. These machines were built to be completely pneumatic, with a corresponding  operational system and an easy-to-use, reliable interface. We then integrated these six machines into the client’s production line and put them into operation.

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