To the thousandth of a millimetre

Precision work to the thousandth of a millimetre?
No challenge is too large… or too small!

Our client’s request

One client asked, “Can you manage to make 700 holes in a disc? With a diameter of 0.115mm and a tolerance of no more than 0.005mm?” Another client requested a product with a mirrored surface with a texture of 0.05 Ra, that would be used to align a heavy laser. And yet another client asked our help to ensure extremely precise final processing of tempered high-carbon steel (60 HRc).

Our challenge

Mevi delivers precision work. Sometimes the specifications demanded are so precise, and the tolerances so minimal, that a standard 3- or 5-axis milling machine isn’t adequate. In that case, we leave the word ‘standard’ far behind us.

Our solution

In order to be able to offer the required precision, a hydrostatic milling machine with a high rotational speed is necessary. This is why we invested in the Kern Pyramid Nano, a hydrostatic 5-axis milling machine with a very high rotational speed (up to 50,000 rpm). By using this, we could take on the above challenges without any problem.

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