No risk!

‘German thoroughness’ for the pharmaceutical industry?
We’ll guarantee it, time after time after time!

Our client’s request

“Can you produce modules for a medicine-packing machine for us? Please come up with a solution that excludes any risk of contamination.”

Our challenge

We were dealing with small compounds that are used in a medical setting. This meant that there were extremely high requirements which the finishing process had to meet in order to prevent contamination between the various medicines.

Our solution

The components of the module are produced in batches at our factory in the Czech Republic. Standard anodising isn’t sufficient to prevent medicine residues from remaining behind in the material. The surface simply remains too porous. That’s why we chose to hermetically seal the products in the Netherlands using a special procedure, and then to assemble them at Mevi in Helmond. The different components were tested by various partners from the supply chain and improved until they met the high requirements of our German client. This procedure has been fixed in place for future commissions.

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