High-tech work for the semiconductor industry

Titanium, aluminium, WEDM, milling…
We’ll do it. With extreme precision.

Our client’s request

“We’re looking for someone who can produce a construction for us that will be used while transporting large machines in the semiconductor industry. To be delivered on demand, in production series. Can you manage that?”

Our challenge

The construction kit was comprised of a variety of components, including various titanium precision spring elements and an extremely carefully milled aluminium casing. We therefore had to process differing materials with the highest possible degree of precision at different processing centres.

Our solution

Thanks to the diversity of our machinery, we were able to carry out all the processing in-house. The titanium spring elements were produced as a series: firstly they were milled on the Versa and then they underwent WEDM treatment. As for the aluminium casing, we milled it very efficiently on the Micron.

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