Production automation

Automation of a turning and milling combo?
We can build you a smart robot in no time.
The challenge from Mevi itself.

Our client’s request

“We need to look for a solution that will make the production process involving our turning and milling combo more efficient, better value and more reliable to organise. This should include cleaning and adding a unique code to our products.”

Our challenge

Our solution must be able to process products of different shapes and diverse formats, quickly and efficiently. The production process should be robust, reliable and available 24/7. User-friendliness for the operator was a ‘must-have’.

Our solution

We automated the five-axis turning and milling machine combo (Okuma Multus B400) by attaching a Fanuc robot arm to it. The robot arm could take the products out of the turning and milling machine, and move them into the various processing stations. The user interface was set up in a user-friendly way, and was easy for the operator to utilise. The system was extremely flexible as the various products could easily be added to the formula structure in the software.

We managed to create an extremely reliable solution in a surprisingly short time by integrating high-quality, bought-in parts. Naturally, we also took care of the CE certification, as part of our service.

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