Cutting line for playing cards

Cut three thousand playing cards per minute?
Accurate to within a tenth of a millimetre!

Our client’s request

“Playing cards are one of the products that we produce, and with these it’s a question of great precision. We’re looking for a solution to automate the card-cutting process.”

Our challenge

Developing an automatic cutting machine isn’t really a problem for Mevi’s engineers. The challenge was really more about coming up with a cost-efficient solution that would be extremely reliable, mainly due to the very high processing speed required. Our solution must be able to cut 3,000 playing cards per minute, without damaging or causing any irregularities in the cards.

Our solution

From the initial concept stage onwards, our engineers had to deploy all their creativity and inventiveness in order to develop a smart and robust solution to this challenge. After an extensive feasibility study, they decided to split the card stream into two separate streams. By so doing, there would be enough time to ensure a precise cutting process. That process would then run in a totally automated manner, without even requiring an operator.  

The automated cutting line had a Siemens operating system and utilised servo-assisted motors.  After putting it through an intensive testing procedure, we delivered the line to our client together with an instruction guide and a maintenance manual. Our solution received such a positive response that we then went on to produce a whole series of this machine.

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