Aeroplane component

An extremely reliable qualification tool for the aviation industry?
Delivered within 12 weeks!

Our client’s request

“We need a qualification tool at short notice for a compound component that will ultimately be assembled in an aircraft.”

Our challenge

Our engineers often develop qualification tools. But when a component is going to be used in an aircraft, it will be subject not only to extremely heavy forces but also to extremely high safety requirements. The load on the component in question amounts to 150 kN. Our tool must be capable of monitoring force, pressure and temperature as well as position. Data logging must be performed with great accuracy. This must also apply to the final report stating whether the component has passed or failed. A tremendous challenge, which we would have to answer within 12 weeks of receiving the commission.

Our solution

In the design phase, we naturally started out by conducting extensive risk analyses. In view of the extremely high forces involved, we then developed a very robust frame (safety factor 5). All the seams were meticulously inspected and checked. A hydraulic activation system was created within the frame. 

The set-up was managed via the LabVIEW operating system, which also logged the data. The qualification tool was equipped with a user-friendly interface with a format structure and user authentication. We delivered the tool, which naturally met the applicable machine guidelines, together with a user manual and maintenance guide. It was all done nicely on time, thanks to tight project management and the fact that Mevi can provide everything necessary to meet such a complex challenge in its entirety.

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